Sustainability and Design

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10 June 2021

You are invited to our Webinar: «Talk on Sustainability and Design» with Asst. Prof. Dr. Carmelo Cascino, who is our lecturer in the Faculty of Design.

Despite scientists are warning us about the ongoing phenomena and the risks that our society will face in the near future, at our latitudes, issues such as the global warming or the marine pollution are still perceived by people as far away from themselves. It became urgent to invert this trend, raise awareness and change drastically our way of living. In this context, the pandemic may represent a discontinuity with the past. World needs new visions and strategies for humans to live in harmony with the natural environment and designers can provide those.

Hence, the “Talk on Sustainability and Design” aims to open a discussion about designer’s role and challenges in the transition to a sustainable world and also to improve student’s understanding about the environmental issues. Including “sustainability” as a basic criterion in the creative process of design is an essential step that all students should observe whether they draw a building, a chair or a vehicle. Furthermore, the presentation briefly touches arguments such as Sustainable Design, Life Cycle Design and major trends.
It is time to take action.

Date: 10th of June, 2021
Time: 16:00
YouTube, Facebook live
Language: English

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