At the ARUCAD Design Faculty, our aim is to encourage our students to learn individually, in order to enable them to reveal their inner designer by learning to think independently.

The content of our series of lessons is to ensure that the gaps that exist in the self-learning process are realised by our students from the starting point to the finalisation point of their ideas/designs.

One of the main goals of our university is to provide an education where creativity meets critical thinking and where students have access to state-of-the-art workshops providing interdisciplinary teaching opportunities. This means that they will have access to courses belonging to different programmes. For this reason, we educate our students as individuals who look at the world with a design focus and can change and transform our life experiences.

Academic Programmes

  • Architecture
  • Interior Architecture and Environmental Design
  • Industrial Design
  • Ship and Yacht Design
Haşim Altan

At ARUCAD Faculty of Design our aim is not to teach our students what we think they should be taught. What we strive to do at ARUCAD is the encouragement of self-learning so that our students can learn to think for themselves and unravel the designer within themselves. The contents of our courses are designed to fill in the gaps that exist in any self-learning process by ensuring that their ideas/designs are executed by themselves from scratch to finish, and by motivating them to explore possibilities in all kinds of situations, both experimental and real-life. One of the key aims of our university is to offer an education where creativity meets critical thinking, where learning opportunities that are provided are cross disciplinary which means that they will be attending courses in different programs and where they will have access to state of art facilities.

Our students who come from all over the world have diverse backgrounds and cultures and this only enhances the diversity of our teaching where design is linked to other discourses in philosophy, humanities, social sciences and art. Consequently, we educate our students as thinkers who see the world through the prism of design thinking and view their role in the world not just as designers but also as individuals who can carry out changes and transform our living experiences.

My Faculty colleagues who play an important role in reflecting the values, practices and accomplishments that will define our students are committed to their success. Furthermore, our unique contribution to the success of our students is not the domain of a single individual, or a department or a Faculty but comes from our collective identity as ARUCAD.

Welcome to the Faculty of Design at ARUCAD. We look forward to meeting our new thinkers/ designers and gratefully acknowledge your involvement to help us deliver an engaging and comprehensive academic experience.

Prof. Dr. Haşim Altan
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