At the ARUCAD Design Faculty, our aim is to encourage our students to learn individually, in order to enable them to reveal their inner designer by learning to think independently.

The content of our series of lessons is to ensure that the gaps that exist in the self-learning process are realised by our students from the starting point to the finalisation point of their ideas/designs.

One of the main goals of our university is to provide an education where creativity meets critical thinking and where students have access to state-of-the-art workshops providing interdisciplinary teaching opportunities. This means that they will have access to courses belonging to different programmes. For this reason, we educate our students as individuals who look at the world with a design focus and can change and transform our life experiences.

Academic Programmes

  • Architecture
  • Interior Architecture and Environmental Design
  • Industrial Design
  • Urban Design and Landscape Architecture

As ARUCAD aims to fill the perceived absence of world-class art and design education in Cyprus and the Mediterranean region, thereby fulfilling contemporary needs and requirements, ARUCAD Faculty of Design is committed to developing new knowledge and training high-performing professionals to shape enduring communities.

We, as Faculty of Design, imagine a future in which all communities are resilient and empowered to maximize their social, economic and environmental well-being. We challenge our students to be creative and to learn by practicing in order to put their knowledge to the test by serving communities around the world and being capable to adapt ever-evolving environment. With the support of our esteemed faculty members, our students explore creative design strategies and social innovations that will help make the world more equitable, vibrant and sustainable.

We aim at delivering a distinctly different experiential learning experience that combines a rich, interdisciplinary design-based philosophy backed by an entrepreneurial mindset and a deep commitment to working with industry stakeholders, at national and international levels to address some of society’s biggest challenges in solution oriented ways. 

I would like to cordially invite all of you interested in expanding your knowledge and enriching your careers to explore further ARUCAD Faculty of Design through a visit to our beautiful campus.

Looking forward to meeting you,

Kindest Regards,

Prof. Dr. Burcu Toker
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