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Faculty of Music and Performing Arts

ARUCAD Faculty of Music and Performing Arts is the academic unit of our University that focuses on all creative arts with an interdisciplinary approach. Our aim is to create an inspiring and stimulating educational and sharing environment in the heart of the multicultural and dynamic atmosphere of North Cyprus. We aim to enable our students to develop new ways of thinking and techniques of expression, to produce high-level artistic works, and to establish lively bonds between their creative personalities and society and art. It is our basic principle that our students are nourished with local and historical cultural accumulation and that they progress by discovering their own unique forms of narrative while creating today’s art. In addition to this, it is also an important goal of our Faculty to guide them to experience sharing, collaborative creative environments and to ensure that they are visible in art-cultural environments around the world along with their contributions to the local art environment.


It is still a matter of debate whether the artist's innate talent, the education he received, or the artistic and cultural accumulation he has acquired are more influential in the cultivating of the artist. However, it is now a reality accepted by all that every art has teachable and learnable aspects. Besides, since every art has a tradition, it is clear that, without learning that tradition, a new brick cannot be placed upon it. Otherwise, everyone would start the art with themselves, and not a single step would have been taken from the cave age until today.

We do not exclude talent (the potential within the field of the chosen art) to produce competent artists. On the contrary, we seek those talented candidates and muster all our strength to develop them. We do our best to convey the tradition in the chosen field of art in a short time and systematically, using rational and scientific methods. However, we do not see potential artists as young people who will memorise and store the information to be conveyed. While guiding them to benefit from tradition, we strive to give each of them a critical perspective, so we invite them to establish the future by questioning the tradition.

Each artist candidate is unique for us with his interest, intelligence, perception and interpretation. Identifying the potential each candidate has and discovering ways to develop and transform it is like embarking on a unique journey together. On that unquenchable journey, we learn a lot, not only from them but also from us. On this journey, in which we try to act as a guide, we especially recommend that our students do not step on our footsteps. We want them to be aware of their own feet, to find their unique footing. We try to inspire them not to be like us, but to find themselves and, more importantly, to realise themselves as artists.

In order to realise a contemporary art education-teaching, we make our contemporary values our compass. We are aware that the potential artists who come to our University and Faculty, who have adopted universal values, are individuals. We consider it our duty to respect their rights. While they are still students, we are preparing them to connect with the world. We believe that we will embrace success and happiness together by producing art in an egalitarian and libertarian education environment. At ARUCAD, the only art university on the island of Cyprus, we aim to open up to the world effectively by strengthening our artistic fins and wings.

Our programmes, education staff and faculty staff are ready to realise our goal. We are eager to carry the fire of art to the world, together with our students who will join us on this journey.

Prof. Dr. Hasan ERKEK

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