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Faculty of Music and Performing Arts

ARUCAD Faculty of Music and Performing Arts is the academic unit of our University that focuses on all creative arts with an interdisciplinary approach. Our aim is to create an inspiring and stimulating educational and sharing environment in the heart of the multicultural and dynamic atmosphere of North Cyprus. We aim to enable our students to develop new ways of thinking and techniques of expression, to produce high-level artistic works, and to establish lively bonds between their creative personalities and society and art. It is our basic principle that our students are nourished with local and historical cultural accumulation and that they progress by discovering their own unique forms of narrative while creating today’s art. In addition to this, it is also an important goal of our Faculty to guide them to experience sharing, collaborative creative environments and to ensure that they are visible in art-cultural environments around the world along with their contributions to the local art environment.


ARUCAD Faculty of Music and Performing Arts invites you to create contemporary performances and “live” art narratives. The common feature of performance-based arts is that they are living experiences transferred from body to body, from mind to mind at the same time and in the same space. A temporal connection is established lively between the audience and the artist. In order for you to be the creators of this very special relationship, a contemporary education program in which dance, music and theatre are intertwined, where creating freely and turning to alternative ways is supported, awaits you.

Performance-based arts take an active stance in the contemporary world by expressing both philosophical and social discourses, nourished by digital culture, where sound and music, movement and text, space and design are intertwined. These works of art can create effects that awaken and even transform society. Artists can heal individuals and societies.

As ARUCAD Faculty of Music and Performing Arts; we erase the boundaries between art genres, we enable you to experience the creative processes together. For the first time in a university, the departments of Modern Dance, Acting and Sound Design take many joint courses, in a balance of theory and practice, and create art projects in collaboration. The workshops that they produce together by interacting with the geography and society we live in, meetings where professionals from all fields will share their experiences and regular stage presentations are also important specifications of our education process.

As artist-academicians who maintain their lively ties with art in our faculty, we feel the enthusiasm of mutual learning and producing art with you. We sincerely believe that each of you will create art experiences that touch people more quickly, more directly, and more deeply. While realizing your own potential on this path, we aim to inspire you to become artists who are sensitive to world issues and questions about humanity.

If your dream is to be creative dancers, actors and sound designers, if you want to make a difference in life and leave a mark, check out our page, visit us on our campus.

Let's explore and create the "narrative of our time" together.

Dean Prof. Dr. Kerem Karaboğa
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