25 August – ARUCAD Interview Date

On August 25, for the second time this year, Arkın University of Creative Arts and Design (ARUCAD) is holding interviews for a 100% scholarship opportunity for prospective students.

TRNC citizens and/or TRNC students who have completed their high school education in the TRNC for 4 consecutive years will be able to attend the interview to be held on Thursday, August 25. ARUCAD grants 50% scholarship directly to candidates who enrol in any programme within the university. Prospective students will attend the interview on August 25 in order to increase their scholarship rate up to 75%, 90% and 100%.

A Foundation University Focused on Art, Design, Communication

ARUCAD has 16 departments in the fields of Art, Design and Communication. Under the Faculty of Arts are the Departments of Plastic Arts, Photography, Ceramics, Film Design and Management, Archeology and Art History Departments. The Faculty of Design houses the Departments of Architecture, Interior Architecture and Environmental Design and Industrial Design. Under the Faculty of Communication are the Departments of Digital Game Design, Visual Communication Design, New Media and Communication, Advertising Design and Communication, Communication Design and Management. Under the Faculty of Music and Performing Arts, are the Departments of Acting, Modern Dance, and Sound Arts Design.

You can obtain further information about the scholarship opportunities as well as interview and registration conditions offered by ARUCAD, on the kibrisaday.arucad.edu.tr website and on the WhatsApp line at 0533 873 85 85.

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