Arkin Center for Art and Design’s New Term Courses Starting



Arkin Center for Art and Design, which has started its certificate courses that are open to the members of the public ,  provides course choices on 30 different subjects, in addition to the Glass Workshop, Fusion Workshop, Portfolio Preparation and Presentation, Film Making, Social Media and Digital Marketing ones.

Registrations for Glass Workshop, Fusion Workshop, Stained Glass Workshop, Basic Sculpture, Ceramic, Pottery Lathe, Art as a Therapy, Model Drawing, Art Drawing Techniques, Magic of Printed Photos, Preparation and Presentation of Portfolios, Basic Digital Photography, Graffiti and Mural Art, Desktop Publishing, Graphic Design, Photoshop and Illustrator, Web Design with WordPress, Illustration, Basic Animated Fil Making, Stop Motion Animation, Film Making, Music Production, How to be effective in social media, Social Media and Digital Marketing, Creative Writing, Digital Media Writing and Editorship, History of Graphic Design in Turkey, Art in Antique Egypt, Advertising Copy Writing will continue until September 28.

Package programmes for prospective students preparing for proficiency test within the scope of the courses

A package programme that covers both Portfolio Preparation and Presentation course and English language education will be provided for the prospective students who are preparing to sit for the proficency tests of the fine arts, design and communication departments. With these programmes the students will find the opportunity to improve their Portfolio Preparation and Presentation techniques as well as preparing for the English proficiency test.

Workshops that boast advanced technology and production facilities

ARCAD Director, Associate Professor Dr. Alev Adil talked about the new term course programs and said “We have been having courses, which attract  a huge interest and participation, for the past two terms. And for our new term, together with our distinguished academicians, we have prepared 30 different course programs on a wide variety of subjects. We have opened our Glass Workshop at the University,  which  thanks to the technical equipments and materials that it possesses,  is the most comprehensive glass workshop of the island. Everyone who wants to discover the art of glass will be able to take advantage of this opportunity at our new term courses. In addition to providing the professional and individual educations that the society and workforce needs, ARCAD is also in possession of the infrastructure that is essential for the staging of art activities and and for the production of  design products,  and for production in the sphere of communication design.”

Arkin Center for Art and Design aims at providing knowledge and experience services  for the society, individuals and intitions in particular, and to merge these services with the needs and conditions of the society, as demanded by our age.

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