ARUCAD at Contemporary Istanbul

Assistant Professor Gülsen Bal who is one of our esteemed lecturer at the Faculty of Arts presents a programme of Open Space at Contemporary İstanbul that is a very prestigious and a leading annual art fair in Turkey, offering a platform for the city’s thriving art scene to the best contemporary art from the wide region.

Here, the Open Space programme covers three sections in which an exhibition is delivered in seeking for multi-facetted criticality by presenting different artistic practices by Assoc. Prof. Mustafa AkkayaŞener ÖzmenKhaled Ramadan. There is a Special Event section showing the works of Jorge Galindo & Santiago SierraServet KoçyiğitRenata Poljak under Film- and Video-Screening: “From a Place of Darkness”, forcing us to rethink historical notions of progress and the inhibitions. Along the side, a Meeting Point: Pupil’s Hub section functions to create a platform for experimental practices in collaboration with the ARUCAD. (Students Bahire Akmandor, Behiye Aykız Koçanoğlu ve Ali Ghorbani Moghaddam)

Contemporary İstanbul opens its doors on the 11th of September and can be viewed by the 15th of September 2019.

Please refer: http://www.openspace-zkp.org/2013/en/projects.php?y=2019&p=54

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