ARUCAD at the Kyrenia Harbour for World Art Day

Arkin University of Creative Arts and Design (ARUCAD) paid a visit to the city centre on the occasion of World Art Day, and, considering art as both a form of expression and a creative process, placed blank panels in the square and invited the people of Kyrenia to express themselves in their own way by completing the sentence “If I were an artist“.

Every year on April 15, ARUCAD celebrates this day in order to emphasise the importance of art and artists, and on this day, they carried out an awareness campaign in Kyrenia Harbour to reflect not only the observable aspect of art but also its participatory aspect. They provided the opportunity for people to complete the sentence “If I were an artist…” using their own forms of expression. The event was met with great interest; some expressed themselves with poetry, some with words, some with drawings.

ARUCAD Rector, Prof. Dr. Asım Vehbi, made the following statements regarding the work: “We wanted to descend on the city square today on the occasion of World Art Day. We wished to meet the people of the city and the visiting tourists. This event, which we enacted to increase awareness of the importance of art and the artist, was met with a response far beyond our expectations. Both tourists and the local people showed great interest. This message conveyed to us that, as ARUCAD, we should have a greater presence on the streets. We should bring our students, artists, and designers together with the people of Kyrenia and tourists more often.

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