ARUCAD at the Taşkent Nature Park!

The first step of the cooperation between ARUCAD and Taşkent Nature Park have been taken. As part of the 2021-2022 Academic Year Orientation Activities, a nature awareness trip and picnic was held with ARUCAD students and academicians on Sunday, 24 October.

The 2021-2022 Academic Year Orientation Activities for new students organised by ARUCAD between 20-24 October ended with a nature awareness trip and picnic in Taşkent Nature Park on Sunday, 24 October.

Taşkent Nature Park Public Relations and Communication Coordinator Serdar Tuksal, who hosted ARUCAD, told the students and academicians about the purpose of the Nature Park, explaining, “it was established to carry out scientific studies and introductory trainings on wildlife, to raise awareness and to develop and spread the awareness of wildlife conservation in society. For this reason, this place should not be seen as a zoo.”

Serdar Tuksal showed the students around the Wildlife Hospital, the Wildlife Rescue and Rehabilitation Centre, Marine Life Centre and then the Research Laboratory and told the students about the activities of the Nature Park: “We rescued a barn owl that got stuck on a power pole, We rehabilitated and released it into nature. We supported a falcon pair in the care of their offspring. A beached seal was euthanised. The health conditions of all the creatures we house here are regularly checked by our veterinarians.”

The students, who visited the park in the company of the Nature Park guide and examined the creatures under protection, learned about the protection of wildlife on the island.

ARUCAD Rector Prof. Dr. Asım Vehbi talked about the cooperation with Taşkent Nature Park: “It is important for us that our students adapt to the University and the island life. Their adaptation to the geography they live in, their respect for nature and seeing it as a part of life are equally important issues for both us teachers and their own personal awareness. At this point, as ARUCAD, we have taken the first step in our cooperation with Taşkent Nature Park, which produces important projects for the protection of wildlife. We would like to thank the Coordinator, Serdar Tuksal for hosting our students,  and for the valuable information he provided on the protection of wildlife on our island. I would like to inform you that our joint projects with Taşkent Nature Park will continue.”

The ARUCAD 2021-2022 Academic Year Orientation Days, which began on Wednesday, October 20, ended with a Welcome Picnic organised with academicians and students.

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