ARUCAD Begins Free Workshops for High School Students

Arkin University of Creative Arts and Design (ARUCAD) invites high school students to discover their talents during the Workshop Week. High school students can participate in 9 free courses and 12 workshop sessions scheduled for February 7-8-9.

ARUCAD Workshops Week, taking place on February 7-8-9, consists of 9 courses and 12 different workshop sessions. Students who participate in the courses, which will last for 3 days and consist of sessions lasting 4 hours each, will be awarded a certificate. The courses will run from 09:00 to 13:00 daily for three days, while the workshop sessions encompass 2-hour programmes.

Participation in ARUCAD Workshop Week is free for all high school students, and attendees have the opportunity to receive participation certificates for the courses. Students can register for a maximum of 1 course and 3 workshops.

High school students interested in discovering their talents through course and workshop participation can contact education consultants via the WhatsApp hotline at (0533) 820 21    83 for more information.

Please find detailed programme information for courses and workshop sessions below:

Course Programmes

February 7-8-9


Portfolio Preparation

• Experimental Visual Storytelling

• Education through Game Design

Video Collage

• Photography and Editing

• Visual Effects in Cinema

• Relief Application on Canvas

• Architecture and Landscape Design

• Games with Motion



Workshop Sessions

February 7-8-9


February 7, 2024


• T-Shirt Printing Workshop

• Fusion Technique with Coloured Glass

• Pasta Tower Construction

• Glass Packaging Techniques

February 8, 2024

Graffiti Workshop

• Fusion Technique with Coloured Glass

• Fundamentals of Sketch Drawing

• Design with Cardboard

• Sound Walk


February 9, 2024


• Stencil Workshop

• The Cinema in My Pocket

• Spatial Design

• Interior Design Techniques


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