ARUCAD Career Days Concludes with the Participation of Architect Desen Çizenel

Career Days organised by the Career and Alumni Office of Arkin University of Creative Arts and Design (ARUCAD), which ended with a speech by architect Desen Çizenel entitled “Journey to Architecture.” In his speech to ARUCAD students, Çizenel discussed his educational background and experiences in the industry, while also presenting examples of his past projects.

On the first two day of the ARUCAD Career Days presentations by Fashion Designer Zerrin Akıncı and Multidisciplinary Artist Umay Kutay Erol were delivered, and the series of speeches concluded with Architect Desen Çizenel’s presentation. Before starting his presentation, Çizenel talked about his own educational journey, emphasising his interest in architectural structures from a young age and how he dreamed of becoming an architect. Stressing the importance of entering the industry and gaining work experience after graduating from a department of architecture, Çizenel advised ARUCAD students to work voluntarily in architectural offices or during summer breaks, in addition to their internship periods.

Providing examples from his 15 years of work in an architectural office after his education, Çizenel highlighted to the students the importance of working directly with clients within the industry and emphasised that the problems that may arise during the design process can be overcome through effective communication.

Following Desen Çizenel’s presentation, ARUCAD Career Days concluded with a Q and A session with the students and the presentation of participation certificates.

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