ARUCAD Career Days Continues with Artist Umay Yılmaz Kutay

‘Career Days’  organised by the Career and Alumni Office of Arkin University of Creative Arts and Design (ARUCAD) continued with the speech titled “Parallel” by artist and designer Umay Yılmaz Kutay. Kutay described how her relationship with art began during her high school years, and how the path she has followed since in her career has affected her.

Creative Director and multidisciplinary artist Kutay, who met students in the University Conference Hall on Thursday, April 25, talked about the impressive elements and works from the years when she began her art career. Kutay talked about her shift towards the field of communication and marketing after graduating from university, and the significant experiences she gained during this process, presenting examples of her work with her team as one of the founders of the initiative “BEAZ Creative”.

Emphasising the importance of teamwork, vision, diversity, and researching global markets in her projects, Kutay gave examples of the brands she worked with.

Following her presentation, Kutay answered ARUCAD students’ questions, and advised graduating candidates to, “not hesitate to collaborate and remain open to continuous learning; showcase your work both on social media and in real life.”

ARUCAD Career Days concludes on May 2 with a discussion featuring Architect Desen Çizenel as the guest.

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