ARUCAD Has Started It’s Second Academic Year with A Ceremony

The opening of the second academic year of our university took place on 22nd October 2019 in its Kyrenian campus.

The opening speech was given by the acting dean of the Faculty of Design, Associate Professor Balkız Yapıcıoğlu on the 3D stage designed by the Department of Architecture. The speeches continued as the dean of Faculty of Arts Professor Nur Onat, dean of Faculty of Communication Professor Berin Yanıkkaya, and the Rector, Professor Turan Aksoy, took the stage respectively. Aksoy stated that with the exhibitions, conferences and social projects our school has contributed greatly to the examples of contemporary art and design, and hence, through this mediation, will continue to contribute to the social and cultural aspects of life. He continued his speech by saying “we aim to create an environment, where students are educated in such a way that they can produce contemporary art and design. ARUCAD is powerful enough to to accomplish this with its workshops, experienced and connected staff, and unparalleled futuristic vision.” Mayor of Kyrenia, Mr Nidai Güngör, was also one of the speakers. Among the attendees were various MPs, YÖDAK members, rectors from other universities, members of Board of Trustees from other universities and students.

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