ARUCAD held a Webinar titled “Connected Objects: Industrial Design for Our Time”

In the webinar titled Connected Objects: Industrial Design for Our Timeorganised by Arkin University of Creative Arts and Design (ARUCAD) Faculty of Design, Industrial Product Designer, Tobia Repossi shared information about new rules, tools and technologies in our fast developing world.

The webinar, moderated by Head of ARUCAD Industrial Design Department Asst. Prof. Dr. Emre Günal, was broadcast live on ARUCAD’s Facebook page and YouTube channel.

Tobia Repossi, who has twenty years of design experience for furniture, electronic devices and accessories and whose designs can be found in major outlets such as the Apple Store, in the webinar titled “Connected Objects: Industrial Design for Our Time”; He discussed the rules, tools, technologies, processes and methodologies in this emerging new world supported by large distribution channels and small innovative start-ups.  

Sharing information about the connection between the supplier and the customer, Repossi said, Most of the customers and suppliers involved in the production of hardware and electronic devices are often unfamiliar with the features of modern design tools, such as the shared, connected and fully real-time products. When you look at the geography of these products, you will discover that it is not necessary to have large infrastructures to develop products and that everyone can find a place in the chain regardless of geography or economy.

Those who would like to watch the webinar again can access it on ARUCAD’s Facebook page and YouTube channel.

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