ARUCAD Holds Workshops Week for High School Students

ARUCAD has organised the fourth Workshops Week for High School Students, consisting of a three-day programme. The fourth edition, carried out with active participation of high school students, featured 9 courses and 12 workshops.

The workshop sessions, organised with the aim of helping young individuals discover their talents and encouraging them in the arts, took place this year on February 7-8-9. During the ARUCAD Workshops Week, high school students had the opportunity to receive free education in various fields such as Portfolio Preparation, Education through Game Design, Video Collage, Relief Application on Canvas, Architecture and Landscape Design, Photography and Editing, Experimental Visual Storytelling, Visual Effects in Cinema, and Motion in Games. Throughout the day, students experienced ARUCAD’s workshop, studio, and laboratory facilities first-hand through ongoing courses and workshop activities.

In addition to the morning course programmes, students engaged in practical applications during the two-hour afternoon workshops. They experienced the art and design process in various artistic disciplines through creative workshops such as T-shirt Printing, Glass Fusion, Sketch Drawing, Sound Walk, Stencil, Graffiti, Pocket Cinema, and Space Design.

The fourth edition of ARUCAD’s Workshops Week garnered significant interest and participation from students across all high schools. After the three-day programme, certificates were awarded to all students who attended the courses.

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