ARUCAD Students Works Exhibited in America

In collaboration with BOCCHI, a leader in the bathroom and kitchen products sector with 70 years of experience, and Arkın University of Creative Arts and Design (ARUCAD), the winning works of the Sustainable Art competition entitled “From Broken to Beautiful” were exhibited at the prestigious KBIS Trade Fair in Las Vegas after the competition.

The competition, named “From Broken to Beautiful,” was organised to emphasise the importance of sustainable art as a platform for re-evaluating damaged or broken kitchen and bathroom sinks industrially produced by BOCCHI, through the creativity of ARUCAD students. The exhibited works contributed to increasing environmental awareness by supporting the “Zero Waste” goal through the recycling and re-evaluation of materials in artistic creations.

The winning works by Nina Nazarova, a third-year student from the Plastic Arts Department, who won first place in the jury evaluation, along with Alika Onarova, a second-year student from the Interior Architecture and Environmental Design Department, who won second place, and Sevgi Songur, a fourth-year student from the Plastic Arts Department, who won third place, as well as the works of Anna Plieva from the Industrial Design Department, who won the Jury Special Award, and Tülay Pirgalıoğlu, a graduate of ARUCAD’s Plastic Arts Department, were exhibited at the prestigious KBIS Kitchen and Bathroom Industry Trade Fair in Las Vegas, United States, on February 27-29.

The revenue generated from the exhibition will be donated to three separate non-profit organisations operating in the United States, Turkey, and internationally to support sustainability and environmental projects.

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