ARUCAD Theatre Days Begin

ARKIN University of Creative Arts and Design (ARUCAD) Theatre Days, organised by the Faculty of Music and Performing Arts on the occasion of World Theatre Day on March 27, have begun. The events covering April 2- 4 began with a performance by ARUCAD Acting Department students gathered in the university’s courtyard. Following the performance, the students organised a march within the school premises and distributed leaflets.

After the performance and march by the ARUCAD Acting Department students, Prof. Dr. Kerem Karaboğa, Dean of the Faculty of Music and Performing Arts, and Dr. Güneş Kozal, Head of the Acting Department, read the statement written by Nobel Prize-winning author Jon Fosse for World Theatre Day 2024. Quoting from Jon Fosse’s statement, they stated: “Art, only good art manages in its wonderful way to combine the completely unique with the universal”. It allows us to understand that what is different – or what is foreign, shall we say – is universal. In doing so, art breaks the boundaries between languages, geographical regions, countries.”

Commencing with the reading of the statement, ARUCAD Theatre Days will continue on Tuesday, April 2, with the French playwright Moliere’s play “The Miser” at the Art Gallery.

The programme includes a workshop on Wednesday, April 3, by Dr. Marjan Naderzadeh entitled “Motion in Emotion: Mastering Expression in Theatre” and a discussion by Kıymet Karabiber, an artist from the Nicosia Municipal Theatre, “On the Profession of Acting in Cyprus”.

On Wednesday, April 4, the event concludes with a performance by the ARUCAD Faculty of Music and Performing Arts Acting Department of renowned Russian playwright Anton Chekhov’s play, “A Marriage Proposal” at the University’s Conference Hall at 18:30.

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