Assessment and Evaluation Training Held at ARUCAD.

Within the scope of the in-service training programme for Arkın Creative Arts and Design University’s (ARUCAD) academicians, Assessment and Evaluation” training was carried out by faculty member of İzmir University of Economics, Prof. Dr. İlgi Şemin.

In the training organised by ARUCAD Quality Assurance Agency, Prof. Dr. İlgi Şemin made a presentation on assessment and evaluation of the knowledge and skills of students by using assessment and evaluation methods, techniques and tools. Emphasising, in particular, the criteria of assessment and evaluation in education, Prof. Dr. İlgi Şemin said, “Assessment and evaluation is an important element of the education process. It take care to measure and evaluate performance in an egalitarian, impartial and systematic manner. With the result we obtain from these evaluations, we have information about the level that students have reached in the education process and about the areas where education has succeeded or failed. It provides faculty and students the opportunity to evaluate the process and see its repercussions.” Prof. Dr. İlgi Şemin stated that correct assessment and evaluation played a major role in improving the quality of education and, accordingly, in the planning of the national and international accreditation processes of programmes.

After the theoretical part of the training, an applied section was initiated, after which the training ended with a general evaluation.


Who is Prof. Dr. İlgi Şemin?

She graduated from Istanbul University Cerrahpaşa Faculty of Medicine in 1982. In 1985, she began specialisation training at Dokuz Eylül University (DEU) Faculty of Medicine, Department of Physiology, which she completed in 1988. She became Associate Professor in 1993 and Professor in 1999. She received her doctoral qualification in the Educational Sciences Institute, Department of Educational Programming and Instruction. She played an role in the establishment of active education at DEU Faculty of Medicine. She worked as an ECFMG scholarship holder in  assessment and evaluation at Wake Forest University in North Carolina, USA.  She has held the posts of; Deputy Director at Dokuz Eylül University Health Sciences Institute; Head of Dokuz Eylül University Faculty of Medicine, Department of Physiology; Director of Dokuz Eylül University Vocational School of Health Services; Dean of the Faculty of Health Sciences at Girne American University and the Director of the School of Nursing. She has delivered assessment and evaluation training at many institutions in Turkey and abroad and has been working at Izmir University of Economics since 2013.


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