Cyprus Turkish Green Crescent Association Signs First Protocol with ARUCAD.

A cooperation protocol has been signed between Arkın University of Creative Arts and Design (ARUCAD) and the Cyprus Turkish Green Crescent Association.

The Cyprus Turkish Green Crescent, a counselling organisation that aims to combat alcohol, drugs, cigarettes, gambling and social media addictions, and which provides free psychological and social service support to addicts and their relatives, has signed a protocol with ARUCAD, the first to be signed between The Cyprus Turkish Green Crescent and a university.

By means of the protocol signed by Association President, Fatma Çamlıköylü and ARUCAD Rector, Prof. Dr. Asım Vehbi, it is aimed that the Cyprus Turkish Green Crescent will provide free seminars, conferences and training activities for employees and students in the units affiliated to the University, and, in order to raise awareness in both society and among young people, the Green Crescent and the university will cooperate in the production of short pictures, poems, cartoons, debates, slogans, films, theatres, aim at raising awareness among young people of the dangers of addiction.

Rector Asım Vehbi said, “We have signed an important protocol with an esteemed non-governmental organisation. While the world is struggling with viruses, cancer, and economic problems, We see that addictions are also increasing. It is encouraging to see people combatting with these issues. As ARUCAD, we will offer our full support. This protocol we have signed is extremely important for our university in terms of social responsibility.”.

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