Double Degree Advantage from ARUCAD!

A protocol has been signed between ARUCAD and the Manchester School of Art (MSoA) of Manchester Metropolitan University, providing double diplomas to students of the Arucad Faculty of Arts. 

The Arkin University Creative Arts and Design (ARUCAD) has signed a collaboration agreement with the Manchester School of art (MSoA) affiliated to Manchester Metropolitan University. According to the 2020 Guide to Universities in the United Kingdom, the Manchester School of art (MSoA), the second oldest school of Art and Design in the UK, is in the top 10 rankings for universities in the UK. The cooperation agreement provides a unique education and experience in the field of art as well as the advantage of a double diploma.

The cooperation agreement between ARUCAD and MSoA includes the possibility of 3+1 training. 

 Through the collaboration, students who complete their first 3 years at ARUCAD will have the opportunity to complete their final year at the Manchester School of Art (MSoA).

MSoA, with its campus in the centre of Manchester has affiliations with a wide range of out-of-school organisations such as the BBC, the Manchester International Art Festival and various art associations and galleries. ARUCAD Faculty of Arts students will also gain the significant advantage of graduating from both universities.

Students who complete their final year at MSoA in cooperation will also have the right to attend the graduation ceremony in Manchester.

The aim of this programme is to provide students with the opportunity to develop their own creative skills and knowledge in the field of their chosen career by adopting a comprehensive understanding of the study of universal approaches in the fields of Fine Arts and Design.

MSoA provides a unique design environment where students can carry out interdisciplinary work that highlights creativity in its world-class award-winning facilities. Students work closely with a student-centred approach with expert instructors from the fields of artists, designers, art historians, theorists and curators.

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