Exhibition Reviews: “Lost in Europe” / “Too much, too soon!”

Open Space in Vienna recently hosted two rather timely and intriguing major group exhibitions, Lost in Europe: In the wake of Britain’s inner emigration and too much, too soon! 

An exhibition review under the title of On Brexit in Vienna: Mirroring the Social Decay by Ivan Jurica published in the Third Text -Critical Perspectives on Contemporary Art and Culture Magazine in June 2019. The review came out for the occasion of one of Asst. Prof. Dr. Gülsen Bal’s recent curatorial project Lost in Europe.

There is further coverage on the too much, too soon! exhibition in the Afterimage Journal published by University of California Press in June 2019. The exhibition review written by Bariş Acar focuses on questions of “art and distance” and “politics and distance.”

Bal is one of our esteemed academics of the Faculty of Arts at ARUCAD.

The info goes as follows:

  • On Brexit in Vienna: Mirroring the Social Decay by Ivan Jurica, Third Text Critical Perspectives on Contemporary Art and Culture Magazine, June 2019

The full text on: http://www.thirdtext.org/jurica-lostineurope

Also: http://www.thirdtext.org/domains/thirdtext.com/local/media/images/medium/Jurica_Lost_in_Europe_PDF_1.pdf

See additionally: http://www.openspace-zkp.org/2013/en/projects.php?y=2018&p=51

  • too much, too soon! by Bariş Acar, AfterimageThe Journal of Media Arts and Cultural Criticism, Vol. 46 No. 2, June 2019 (pp. 81-86), DOI: 10.1525/aft.2019.462010

The full text on: https://afterimage.ucpress.edu/content/46/2/81

See additionally: http://www.openspace-zkp.org/2013/en/projects.php?y=2018&p=52


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