“KETUM” Exhibition at ARUCAD Art Space

With the inaugural speech of President Ersin Tatar, ARUCAD Plastic Arts Department faculty member, artist, and academic Prof. Turan Aksoy’s exhibition titled “KETUM” is taking place on the 16th December, Wednesday, at 18:00 at ARUCAD Art Space.

In his new exhibition KETUM, Turan Aksoy presents a visuality that is not very expressive, as a result of being conservative.

It can be said that house and city images, which appear as abstract arrangements in an artist’s works, are anonymized images that are not related to a specific place. Rather, the source of this is the presentation of the space not as a place to be watched and observed, but as a venue that can be wandered, imagined and thought about through the presence of light.

In the KETUM exhibition, where it is reasonable to talk about a form of tension generated by these works that are presented as a ‘form’, which we feel have a meaning, and explanation, but do not reveal themselves also, emerge as a common feature of stillness and serenity of the artist’s work.

The exhibition can be viewed at Art Space, ARUCAD’s event venue in Nicosia’s Walled City, until January 21, 2020.

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