“Making Paper” Exhibition at ARUCAD Art Space


An exhibition of works that were the result of the “Hand Made Paper and Its Applications Workshop” that was organised jointly by Cyprus Paper Artists Association (KKSD) and ARUCAD between September 11-14 at ARUCAD, is now open at Nicosia ARUCAD Art Space until 26 September 2018.

At this workshop, that was organised by ARUCAD and was open to the members of the public, participants from different arts disciplines found the opportunity to work with fully equipped studio facilities. KKSD members İnci Kansu, İsmet Tatar and Emel Samioğlu briefed the partiicipants at the workshop about the paper art which is a contemporary form of art and shared their experiences.

Chairperson İsmet Tatar, who delivered the opening speech of the workshop, made a presentation about the activities and events organised by Cyprus Paper Artists Association.

Second speaker was İnci Kansu, who is the island’s first paper artist and honourary chairperson of the Association, and she gave  detailed information about “History of paper and paper art.”

Workshop activities ensued In the wake of the presentations after  paper dough was prepared from recyled  different types of  paper . Participants at the workshop produced hand made papers in line with the techniques that they were shown (coloured paper making, embossing techniques etc ).

İnci Kansu who talked aboıut the workshop said “Participants were individuals who were educated, loved paper, willing, excited and able to add their own experiences, excitements and talents to the techniques that we had shown them, and who impressed us with their enthusiasm. Thus the works that were done were of high quality and impressive.”

Arkın Group Board Chairman Erbil Arkın also attended the hand made paper workshop.

An exhibition of the works that were done during the workshop will be open for visitors at the Nicosia ARUCAD Ary Space until September 26.

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