“Random ARUCAD” Exhibition Opened in Art Rooms Gallery

The ‘Random ARUCAD’ exhibition is on display at the Art Rooms Gallery, Kyrenia. ‘Random ARUCAD’, which was first held as a ‘popup’
exhibition in 2018, once again brings together ARUCAD’s artistacademics from different disciplines.

Works by Prof. Dr. Nur Onat, Dr. Cem Yardimci, Dr. Eser Kececi, Dr. Cengiz Bodur, Dr. Melisa Balkac, Mumine Ozdemirag Yagli, Rebecca Ogun, Yilmaz Kastanbollu, Ecem Kupeli, Emir Ozkaya and Korhan Akbaytogan from the Arkin University of Creative Arts and Design (ARUCAD) artist and academicians are on display at the “Random ARUCAD” exhibition.

The opening cocktail of the ‘Random ARUCAD’ exhibition was cancelled due to Covid-19 restrictions and visits to the exhibition, which can be visited at the Art Rooms Gallery in Kyrenia between 12:00 and 21:00 every day until January 25, 2021, will take place within the framework of the measures taken in accordance with the pandemic.

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