Research Center Library Has Been Established on the 24th of September 2019

It was founded with the aim of becoming a hub of research for scholars, students and other interested parties within and outside of ARUCAD who are interested in the world of the Mediterranean so that they can have access to resources. It will provide invaluable articles to enable research in the fields of archaeology, anthropology, history, art, art history and design in many languages to people who wish to conduct such studies.

Prof. Dr. Marko Kiessel, the manager of Research Center for Art, Design, Culture and Heritage of the Mediterranean, has stated that the primary aim of the centre is to accumulate digital and physical prints of many scholarly articles so that students, researchers, and all other interested parties can conduct research and studies within the growing limits of the research library.

An important contribution to the Research Library by Prof. Dr. Latife Summerer

Mr Kiessel also stated that the core of the library archive consists primarily of 2000 books and various journals that Prof. Dr. Latife Summerer donated in 2018-19 Academic year. Since then, the library has been growing through purchases, exchange programmes and other donations.

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