Serap Kanay’s New Exhibition Is Opening in ARUCAD Art Space!

Serap Kanay’s new exhibition ‘The Tumultuous Experience of Pandemic Life’ will take place at The ARUCAD Art Space as part of the ARUCAD body. ARUCAD Art Space, which has been carrying out art activities in Nicosia Surlariçi since 2018, is hosting the exhibition opening with cocktails on Tuesday, October 12 at 19.00.

As the whole world went into quarantine due to fight against COVID-19, many artists chose to create as a way of coping throughout this process. Serap Kanay deals with installation/implementation works, especially using sound, text, photos and textiles from various disciplines. Her new works which began with the sketchnotes she wrote down during the first lockdown of the pandemic, were followed by drawings.

Serap Kanay’s exhibition ‘The Tumultuous Experience of Pandemic Life’ includes two artist booklets consistent of over 100 drawings and texts produced during this period, and the digital prints of the selected works from the booklets will meet the audience at ARUCAD Art Space in Nicosia on Tuesday October 12, 2021 at 19.00. The exhibition: The Tumultuous Experience of Pandemic Life will be open to visitors until 9 November.

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