Support for 3D Facemask Production from ARUCAD

ARUCAD has joined the TRNC Covid-19 Facemask Production Campaign and has begun the production of 3D facemask for all public sector workers, especially health workers, during this difficult period.

ARUCAD started to produce protective facemask in 3D printers in the studios of the University by supporting the “Friends of Cyprus” unity group formed by the Cypriots living in Istanbul as part of the fight against Covid-19, which affects our country and the world.

Vice-Chancellor Assoc. Prof. Dr. Asım Vehbi said on the subject, “In the fight against Covid-19, our university supports the solidarity movement initiated by the ‘Friends of Cyprus’ group, which aims to address the lack of the facial protection which is vital for public service providers, such as health workers, police and municipal workers, and aims to produce 5000 3D face masks. Under the leadership of our Workshop Director, Tahir Pirgalıoğlu, we have begun the production of face masks with the 3D printers in our studios. Face masks produced in our studios will be delivered to health and public employees most in need”.

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