Teachers’ Day Has Been Celebrated

Our University hosted teachers and administrators of regional high schools at lunch and celebrated teachers’ day.

ARUCAD Vice Rector Assoc. Prof. Asim Vehbi started his speech by congratulating the teachers and informed the teachers about the future vision of the University. Afterwards, the rector Prof. Turan Aksoy stated that as ARUCAD, they have carried out important activities related to qualified contemporary art and design, with the conferences, exhibitions, speeches and projects, which were made at the University and Art Space in Nicosia, and that their aim is to contribute to the social and cultural life in Cyprus.

Dean of the Faculty of Arts Dr. Nur Onat, Dean of the Faculty of Design Assoc. Prof. Balkız Yapıcıoğlu and Dean of the Faculty of Communication Dr. Berrin Yanıkkaya spoke about the general structure of the faculties and various educational programs.

ARUCAD, which provides an education focused on art, design and communication, announced that applications have been made to YÖDAK for the Department of Ceramic and Glass Design and Film Design and Directing departments for the academic year 2020-2021.

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