Training Seminar for High School Teachers Held with Sadık Gültekin at ARUCAD.

A Field-Oriented Education Seminar was held at Arkın University of Creative Arts and Design (ARUCAD) with veteran educator and writer Sadık Gültekin and with the participation of nearly 80 high school teachers.

The event held on Thursday, November 17th, began with a tour, intended to illustrate the possibilities of being a student at the University, of the workshops, studios and laboratories on the ARUCAD Campus. The seminar continued with a talk by ARUCAD Rector Prof. Dr. Asım Vehbi. In his speech, Vehbi talked about the founding goals and vision of ARUCAD, the only art-design-communication oriented university in the region. Stating that ARUCAD implements an education model in which the majority of training hours are applied teaching, without compromising on theoretical education, Vehbi added, “We provide education to our students with the vision of ‘think while designing, learn while producing’. We offer our students the opportunity of interdisciplinary education in an environment that encourages creativity, critical thinking and production.”

Vehbi further stated, “We organise more than 100 events a year at ARUCAD, including the hosting of various exhibition venues where students, artists and academicians can exhibit their works”. Vehbi explained the vision of ARUCAD, saying, “We currently have 800 students on this journey that we embarked on in 2018 with 35 students. We are planning to halt the numerical growth of our University, which was established with the concept of a boutique university, at around 1800 students, whilst increasing the quality even more in order to be among the world’s leading art schools,”.

Veteran educator and writer Sadık Gültekin emphasised the importance of both making a difference and being different in the ‘Field-Oriented Education Seminar’ he delivered. Expressing how it is necessary to be creative and to not be afraid of taking risks, Gültekin said, “Whatever you do, you will be different, you will think differently. Our resources are growing less and less, and the demand for resources is constantly increasing. Therefore, it is necessary to stand out and differentiate by doing different things.”

Gültekin  remarked that many people  applied a logic of, “What is the most valid profession? Let me choose a profession that will offer me the best guarantee” However, he stated that such a profession does not exist due to increasingly competitive conditions and emphasised the importance of disciplined work by saying, “You will create the guarantee. Success can only be achieved by continuous hard work”.

Gültekin said that he would like to study Plastic Arts at ARUCAD, if he had the opportunity and concluded his seminar by emphasising “the importance of doing what one loves”.

The event ended with a cocktail held after the seminar

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