‘Unica Zürn’ at I Imagine Store

ARUCAD Faculty of Arts Lecturer Assist. Prof. Dr. Esra Plumer Bardak’s book ‘Unica Zürn: Art, Writing and Post-War Surrealism’ in which she examines the little known works of the surrealist artist Unica Zürn in detail, is now available at a special price at the I imagine store in Kyrenia.   In recent years, various exhibitions and book publications have reviewed the past through female perspectives and identity, focussing on and examining the role of women artists such as Leonora Carrington, Dora Maar and Lee Krasner in well-known movements like Surrealism and Abstract Expressionism. The book ‘Unica Zürn: Art, Writing and’ Unica Zürn: Art, Writing and Post-war Surrealism’ is a seminal example of this trend in art history writing and is also the first monograph written in English on the life and work of Unica Zürn. Zürn is often evaluated through his relationship with the artist Hans Bellmer; however, this book transcends the usual ‘female muse’ model and reconsiders Zürn as a member of the French surrealist group in her own right. Plumer Bardak examines the life and works of Zürn in the light of experiences such as World War II, post-war surrealism and mental illness, and examines the relationship of her artworks with contemporaneous artists.

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