What Is A portfolio? How Do You Prepare A Portfolio?

  • What is a portfolio? 

  • How do you prepare a portfolio?

  • Here are the answers!

For those of you looking to apply to any of the faculty departments here at ARUCAD, there are a few stages you will need to go through, such as submitting a motivation letter and for some departments attending a studio exam where you will be asked to complete a life drawing or three-dimensional design… you may also be asked to bring a portfolio – A portfolio is what we call a selection of works that you think best represent you Depending on your selected field, these works can be loose sheets of paper such as drawings or sketches, paintings, sculptural objects, as well as photographs, and short videos This is one way for us to get to know you; why you’d like to study here and what you’re interested in… if you don’t have work to show us in these particular forms, you can also tell us in writing: what you’d like to achieve in completing your chosen programme. So, do not worry too much about what you have already accomplished, but think about all the things you’d like to do once you get here.

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