World Art Day Celebrated at ARUCAD

Arkin University of Creative Arts and Design (ARUCAD) celebrated World Art Day on April 15 with activities held on campus. The Acting Department presented a performance titled “As Memories Multiply, Roses Fade on Stage,” and a special interview was conducted with the renowned Turkish Cypriot actor Osman Alkaş.

As part of the World Art Day activities on April 15, students from ARUCAD’s Acting Department presented the show “As Memories Multiply, Roses Fade on Stage” to the audience. An interactive performance, based on Sevim Burak’s book “Window,” was showcased, engaging the audience. Directed by Ersen Çıkı and featuring Ersan Çıkı, Selin Çolak, and Yalın Doğasal, the performance was well-received.

Following the show, the event continued with a discussion titled “On the Stage of Art,” featuring the renowned Turkish Cypriot actor Osman Alkaş. Alkaş, who has contributed to many significant cinema films and television productions in Cyprus and Turkey, discussed what it means to practice art on the island, his early acting career, and his experiences on stage.

Osman Alkaş stated, “Art is about creating. As long as you create, you exist. The important thing is to produce. By producing, you improve yourself. I have great hope for the youth; they are very intelligent… My biggest advice to them is to sit down and listen to themselves. Write down your thoughts. What you produce will surprise you. Demand opportunities from those who have the authority and power.”

Alkaş pointed out that comfort is the biggest obstacle to art and creativity, stating, “You will pay a price. You will isolate yourself, you will think. While your friends are out having fun, you will sit down and do something for yourself and your profession so that beautiful products can emerge. People create more in difficult circumstances.”

The discussion titled “On the Stage of Art” with Osman Alkaş, moderated by Prof. Dr. Kerem Karaboğa, Dean of the Faculty of Music and Performing Arts, attracted great interest from students. ARUCAD Rector Prof. Dr. Asım Vehbi presented Osman Alkaş with a gift produced in the university’s workshops.

The discussion, held at the ARUCAD Conference Hall, can be viewed on the university’s YouTube, Facebook, and LinkedIn channels.

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