Psychological Counseling and Advising Center

ARUCAD Psychological Counseling and Advising Center was established with the main aims of helping students get to know themselves better, solve their problems, solve their emotional, social, academic or career/job choice problems, make realistic and effective decisions, adapt to university life and thus use their full potential. The unit provides individual and group counseling services to all students studying at the University. It provides support services for newly arrived students on issues such as difficulties in getting used to and adapting to country-city-university life, ensuring personal discipline and how they can be successful in courses, as well as providing guidance on how to cope with personal and interpersonal problems that are frequently encountered by students. The second aim of The Psychogical Counseling and Advising Center  is to ensure that students do not feel alone due to the problems they experience. The unit contributes to the personal development of students by organizing short-term courses, seminars, conferences and training programs that they will optionally attend during their university education cycle. Interviews at the Center are on a voluntary basis and confidentiality and work with an appointment system. To make an appointment, simply visit the Center or send an e-mail to pdr@arucad.edu.tr  .

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