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See the World with the Eyes of Child

I spoke to her, to Eser Keçeci, a young artist, petite and soft-spoken, with the big dark eyes of a child, wide open, trusting and smiling but always with question marks, a young woman and mother of two, boy and girl. It was during the Covid-19 Pandemic, isolated from the outside world when she, or rather together with her children, created a world where everything was possible, a small fairy tale world in frames which we had the opportunity to see on September 29, 2021,

at the Rüstem’s charming art gallery in Nicosia.

She used the freedom of digital design, of inventing her children’s world on the basis of old well-known fairy tales such as Rapunzel who lets her hair down…. however, a guest next to me said… oh but where is the lover… at the end of the hair was no lover. I smiled, there was another

person remembering Rapunzel. Or there, the princess and the frog, do you remem- ber that one? Or rather using a ladder to climb up to the house in the clouds, or riding a broom, pretending to be a witch.

These digital charm- ing collages with the photos of her children were printed on mate- rial and… this is the surprising part of it…. partially embroi- dered. What a charm- ing idea.

Small treasures, petite as the artist who created them. It is not the size of an artwork but what it tells you and how it touches you, that decides on the value of it.

Asst. Prof. Dr. Eser Keçeci

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