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The Birth of the Pearl

Mariia Ivanova

(ARUCAD Faculty of Design Year 1. Student)


Everything we are using was made by someone, was created by humans: phones, laptops, internet, electricity, elevators, cars, subway, and million other things as well as unbelievable architectural constructions, which are famous all over the world. Just think about: Sagrada Familia, Hallgrimskirkja, the Guggenheim Museum Bilbao, Fallingwater, Kunsthaus Graz etc. What do they tell us? How were these ideas embodied?

Frequently, deep down, the most talented artists are inspired from the nature. In my project, I was attracted by a small piece of leaf. It is similar to others and exceptional at the same time. Starting from this idea, from something simple as the beginning already means that you are on the path. Through grounding my observations and researches on architectural metaphors I developed links with my previous works of the process with the found object – ‘the leaf ’ to realize the logic behind the scenario. It was a challenging process, however, it was interesting to notice various fascinating details of the environment and how to put your own meaning there. Collages were developed to match all of the steps, to extend the borders and improve metaphorical views on abstract creations.

All of us have believed in fairytales in childhood, like myself. This collage transported me to the times when everything was possible and there were no excuses to not believe in something, we drew what we wanted, we came up with imaginative languages, tried hard to notice that our imaginations are really coming to life when nobody is watching, deep in the night. Moreover, the collage process taught me to create something courageous and curious enough to investigate, to obtain knowledge about, to experiment with, and not to be afraid of making any mistakes. I am strongly convinced of the not-exaggerated importance of childlike naivety. How weird it would sound, it is what exactly helps humanity to be developed…

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