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Visual Artist

With all the photography fairs as of late, we have been inundated with beautiful works, prints and shows, and have been busy digesting all the beauty. A highlight is the beautiful work we discovered of Ali Moghaddam a photographer born in Iran, who is currently in Cyprus continuing his education and exploration of photography.

Tell us about your greatest inspirations or influences?

To be inspired, we do not need to look for special or extraordinary things. We only need to pay more attention to details and the beauty in what surrounds us. These alone can give us inspiration to create. But of course, exploring paintings, watching movies and reading books definitely feed my imagination and overall creativity.

Tell us a bit about your creative process?

If the project I want to start is for a specific brand, I will do research and follow the desired campaign. I then write all the details on paper, and find a model and location for photography. From there I proceed with all the stages of photography until the end. I make up my mind, I know it may be strange, but this is my method. If it is a project that is for myself, I could get inspired by seeing a stranger on the street or by being in a certain location when something catches my eye. Then I start writing to begin my project project. Everything starts with a story, even if it’s only 2 words.

How has the pandemic affected your creativity and how do you see the world changing?
The beginning of the pandemic was weird for me but I tried to do the best I could. I followed Vogue Italia, began live talking with the artists and I did 2 projects with Mert Alas. He gave us the subject, we photographed it and sent it to him. He edited it and published it on his personal page. It was a move that gave me a lot of energy and ambition even though it can be done at home without any complicated things. For me as a photographer it is very important to work with any color and race and to support and love each other more.

Who do you consider to be an icon of our time?

Andrei Tarkovskyis my icon because he showed me a different perspective through his art. He expressed feelings in a way I never felt before which inspired me to focus on feelings when creating my work.

What does wellbeing mean to you, and what do you practice?

I’m trying everyday to be a better person from who I was yesterday; not just personality-wise but in my photography as well. The authentic version of myself is enough for me.

Anything else you would like to share?

We are living in the best time in terms of technology, and camera equipment. But to be a good photographer you don’t need to get expensive camera or lighting. You have to realize who you are and what you want to say through your work. If you know the answers, it’s time to start with everything you have in your hands. Take a quick shot and see, maybe it will turn out to be a masterpiece or maybe not. It’s important to be patient for a good shot. You have to think and wait, think and wait. I’d also like to share about the time my friend bought a polaroid camera which gives you 8 shots when you put film. When I saw her photos I was shocked. They turned out amazing because she was patient and took time to think. That’s why in my opinion patience is key.

Ali Ghorbani Moghaddam

ARUCAD Faculty of Arts Year 4 Student

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