Being International

ARUCAD seeks to educate free-thinking, creative, intellectually curious individuals who take global cultural values as a principal. For that reason, our academic staff consists of national and international leading artists and academicians who are well-known in many artistic platforms. To be one of the best fine arts universities which will be known as a center of arts is our vision in ARUCAD.

Privileged Career

ARUCAD offers the perfect combination of teaching and facilities that individuals will gain some artistic skills such as team spirit, critical and analytic thinking, recognizing different perspectives through theoretical and practical learning environment at any age.

Interdisciplinary Education

ARUCAD aims to educate creative individuals dedicated to make a difference in the world. Therefore, it is a must to provide an excellent learning environment which is based on interdisciplinary approaches.

The Quality of Research

At ARUCAD, we believe in the importance of research in undergraduate programs. By this means, ARUCAD offers a wide range of research opportunities. To learn how conduct research, to recognize different points of view and expand the ways of thinking are important skills that individuals should have before graduation.  ARUCAD is dedicated to give these skills in their research programs.

To Make Difference

ARUCAD is the place where students can meet world famous professors and have a chance to be a part of international artistic network. Besides, students will have an opportunity to be a member of world famous academic and artistic groups, join many performances and workshops all around the world.

”The ultimate goal of education is to cultivate and improve human’s inborn essence and ability.”

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