Ceramic Workshop

The ceramics workshop which has been designed in a way to enable the students and course attendees to execute all kinds of production processes, possesses all the necessary accoutrements so that they can implement, from design to finish, every kind of technique and experimental work, to unravel their creative designs. The ceramics workshop which offers means to enable the students to research and implement their subjects in line with the projects they will choose, is home to hand-building, making plaster molds, laboratory, glazing and kiln rooms.

In addition to hand-building ceramics, the ceramics workshop is home to all necessary accoutrements such as wheel throwing (pottery), template wheel, plaster wheel, mold casting to enable the students to implement the semi-industrial and industrial molding methods. Moreover, the low temperature and high temperature ceramics and porcelain firing kilns, raku kilns and accoutrements, where artistically motivated firing can be carried out offer the students the means to learn by practice the processes involved in drying and firing for the production of ceramics.

The fully equipped ceramics laboratory which allows the research and development of ceramics material, makes experimental works possible and offers the students the chance to experiment with their creative ideas.

The seminars and workshops that will be organized throughout the year with ceramics artists to be invited from abroad and here aim at the consolidation of the education and production process.

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