The ARUCAD Sound Arts and Design Department aims to have a pioneering position in the Mediterranean Region as a programme carried out with an interdisciplinary approach, under the guidance of our academic staff who follow the innovations in current sound design and sound editing techniques and styles.

In line with our programme, our students take many joint courses with the Contemporary Dance Department of our Faculty, produce projects together, and work with students from different art fields in other faculties in the elective courses.

“The graduates of the department can participate in festivals and competitions and establish independent music groups with their original works. They can produce compositions and sound designs for shows, openings, promotions, exhibitions, theatrical productions, musicals, films, video clips, advertisements and promotional campaigns. They will be able to work as  trainers, sound designers, composers or sound technicians in both private and public dance and theatre companies, TV channels, as well as in the promotion and marketing sectors.”

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