ARUCAD Contemporary Dance Department is designed to train qualified artists who can contribute effectively to contemporary dance and accelerate the spread of the art of dance through their efforts, knowledge and experience. In line with this programme, our students take many joint courses with the Department of Sound Arts and Design, produce projects together, and work with students from different artistic fields in elective courses in other faculties. At the end of each term, they take part in events where they can bring their creative works to the audience.

To complete their academic education, our students experience learning while teaching, taking responsibility in public classes and workshops in order to develop mutually with the social environment and local culture they live in.

“As choreographers and dancers, graduates can join private and public dance and theatre ensembles or establish independent dance ensembles. They can work in primary, secondary and pre-school education institutions, in touristic structures with entertainment and staging units, in TV channels, in the promotion and marketing sector. They may also work as dancers and choreographers for theatrical productions and musicals, and for certain sports, such as rhythmic gymnastics and figure skating.”

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