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Plastic Arts

The Department of Plastic Arts offers a specialist program that combines traditional techniques with innovative approaches to making art.

The Plastic Arts Program is built on the triadic bond between technical training, critical thinking and historical perspective, where students are encouraged to develop their artistic practice as part of intellectual and critical enquiry.

A wide range of practice-led studio and workshops offer collaborative strategies for creative thinking, complemented by lecture and seminars where the visual arts and history meet across the fields of philosophy, psychology, architecture, design, technology and the natural sciences.

Students will gain an opportunity to make a tangible difference on a local, national, and international scale with guidance from an exceptional staff and access to incomparable technical and studio resources. Studios and lectures are led by a core team, as well as cross-faculty staff members, exposing students to instructors who have expertise and specialisms in a variety of areas.

ARUCAD’s Kyrenia Campus is a creative environment where students will be encouraged to practice critical, open and exploratory thinking while being equipped with the confidence, experience and skill needed to launch their career as professional artists and makers.

The Department of Plastic Arts represents a field that includes contemporary art with theoretical contexts, as well as interdisciplinary practices utilising all kinds of materials that mediate art.

First of all, applied and theoretical education and the basic concepts of art are conveyed to the students and in the following years, advanced workshops and theoretical studies are added to the basic education. Among the applied courses are: painting, sculpture, ceramics, glass, printmaking, computer-aided design, basic workshop courses and paper workshop. Theoretical courses, on the other hand, cover a wide range of fields ranging from art history to the analysis of the work of art, in addition to including areas such as mythology, art anthropology and philosophy.

Dual Degree Programme with Manchester School of Art

The ARUCAD Department of Plastic Arts offers its students a double degree opportunity based on the cooperation agreement signed with Manchester School of Art (MSoA) affiliated to Manchester Metropolitan University in the United Kingdom (UK). Manchester School of Art is the second oldest established art and design school in the UK, ranked in the top 10 of British universities according to the UK University Guide 2020. ARUCAD Plastic Arts Department students who want to spend their last year in MSoA will receive both ARUCAD and Manchester Metropolitan University degrees upon graduation.

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